Security services for demanding and high-profile events

Visanka Yhtiöt Oy is a security service provider situated in Helsinki. We specialize in demanding and high-profile events and bodyguard services. Our professionals always represent our business and clients in suits. We provide personal guarding, event security services, security consulting and information security services for businesses. We are a very reliable partner and the permanent confidentiality of our commissions is an integral part of our operations. We provide services wherever necessary in Finland and abroad. Contact us and ask for more details!

Personal guarding and bodyguard services

The personal guard professionals of our company are masters of tough and stressful situations. Small or big, demanding or not so, you can find a solution for every situation from us. Our sharp personnel are motivated, experienced and trained by the Finnish Army and the Police University College of Finland. Additionally, our personnel are highly trained in terms of first aid and fire security. Our experience in both domestic and international personal guarding operations ensure a smooth, safe and successful operation. Our guards are trained in firearms for special missions.

The guarding target will be given security training if necessary. Local law enforcement will be notified of every operation.

Event security on land and at sea

Whether you have a small event or a large, unique celebration, we will cover all security aspects individually right from the beginning and to the very end. We will create a rescue plan for your event and take care of lobby services, security stewarding, fire safety and first aid. The client is able to focus on coordinating the event while our security manager handles the security aspects of the event. We have secured various kinds of events from the Ice Hockey World Championships to large concerts.

We provide the following event security services:

  • Security manager or chief of security
  • Guarding services
  • Security stewarding
  • Cloakroom and lobby services
  • First aid and fire safety
  • Equipment delivery

Security consulting

In addition to providing actual personal guarding and event security services, we also provide security consulting for our clients. Our consulting fully covers all areas of corporate security; from IT-security to passage control and from guarding to travel security. Once we have discussed the requirements with the client, we aim to always provide a cost-effective solution for them.


Systema - made for and used by Russian special forces and elite bodyguards

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When you need guaranteed quality in security services, from personal bodyguards to security consulting, contact us! Visanka Yhtiöt Oy serves its clients everywhere in Finland.